The Latest News 2018


Many thanks to our old and new customers for your continued support and patronage this year. 
It wasn't a good year for gardening in many areas due to the scorching late summer weather and an absence of rain during the year.However, you've managed to keep Joel very busy running the farm, and digging nice big plants for you. As most of you know, I've been semi-retired for a few years and now just look after all things connected with online sales and office work in my retirement village unit. 

I've not sent off as many newsletters during the year as promised although I made use of my Facebook page to post short articles, photos of daylilies and gardens, daylily specials, and gardening ideas. I don't know if using Facebook is a very successful way of attracting more customers, or if it is of interest to keen gardeners but I do enjoy sharing ideas and photos etc. 

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Joel and Heidi showing Blake what daylilies are all about. Undoubtedly he'll be playing amongst them just like my sons did at that age.

It's Time to Retire

Joel Young, the  fit young fellow who digs those large healthy plants you’ve been receiving for many years, and his wife Heidi, have decided to buy the business. Although I’ll miss many aspects of the nursery I created nearly 40 years ago, it’s a great relief in many ways that Joel is taking it over. He’s been involved with the nursery for 15 years and is familiar with most aspects of the business.  

During the past 4 years I’ve been attending to the office work,and Joel has been working exceptionally hard filling mail orders, digging and dividing plants almost continuously throughout the year, and maintaining the nursery. When he takes over in January he'll be working full time looking after your mail orders and the wholesale nurseries we supply.

New Varieties
return to the Shop
25th November

The new varieties were very popular the past year! Many were removed from the shop in autumn because all we had left were a few small plants. (See Blueracer on the left.)
However, they are responding very well to being planted in new beds, the hot weather in early Spring, and to the recent rains. Unfortunately, there will only be a limited number of each ... maybe 3 or 4 only.  (Introducing Chesapeake Bay on the left.)

New Releases in the Shop for the First Time

Some of the new varieties purchased two years ago will be available from the New Varieties category of the shop on the 25th November. A small sample are shown here. Only 2 or 3 of each variety will be available this year.

My Photography Compared
with the Breeders'

Are both these photos of the same daylily? Why is one more striking than the other? On the top left is my photo of Baja California, and on the bottom left is the breeder's.  Which one would you like?

I occasionally receive emails from customers who wonder if they were sent the correct daylily because theirs doesn't look like the photo in the shop.
If I've used breeders' photos it's because I haven't taken a really good one myself. Actually it's a bit frustrating when I can't match mine up well with the breeders'. If Maleny had the same growing conditions as theirs in Florida, then perhaps our photos would look alike. Those amazing ruffled petal edges you see is as a result high heat and high humidity, and heavy watering. I think there's also a tendency for some breeders to enhance the colours by using some form of potassium fertiliser.

Crinum Bulbispermum Bulbs for Sale 5 for $25.00

This South African crinum is relatively rare in Australia. These little evergreen bulbs (cm diameter) are vigorous growers and become huge bulbs, producing large flowering stems in 3 to 4 years. Growing information in the shop.

These little evergreen bulbs (cm diameter) are vigorous growers and become huge bulbs, producing large flowering stems in 3 to 4 years. Growing information in the shop.

Mixed Clivia Seedlings for Sale

Great Value at 6 for $24

6 x 3 year old seedlings. four and six leaves.  The seeds have been harvested from clivias of many shades of peach, orange, orange-red, and red, and from flowers with different petal shapes and sizes. They are all totally differe