Mountain View Daylily Nursery

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Please read the following information before moving on to the Shop  HERE

We no longer accept Overseas Orders

Your plants are sent in 3 or 5 kg satchel which can be tracked.

TIME OF SHIPMENT: Orders will be processed and labels prepared FORTNIGHTLY on the Sunday before being dispatched on the Tuesday (WEATHER PERMITTING on the Mon/Tues). Credit cards are processed a week before your order is sent.

Please Note: Orders to WA & TAS may be delayed due to quarantine requirements.



1.     If you are not familiar with ordering and have concerns about security, PLEASE RELAX AND TAKE YOUR TIME.  Nothing has ever gone amiss since we created the shop 20 years ago.  Once you’ve started, you don’t have to complete it there & then if you don’t want to. You can go in and out of the shop all day if you wish to add more, delete some,  put in new ones etc You’ll see tabs to click on.

2.     Take time when you get to payment details and make sure you written the numbers correctly. If you get this right then you’ll get a “Thank You for Your Daylily Order” email. 

3.     At my end, I can see if you may have had problems when I check the shop. Then I will ring  or email you.



Since the website was transferred to another host last year a few little annoying faults have developed which you may come across when you are searching,  for example all the NEW daylilies.  They will not show up when you click on the 2nd page – the site goes back to the 2nd page of varieties. And not the 2nd page of new varieties.

To see all the NEW daylilies on TWO pages of images . . .  In the PRICE BETWEEN  $8 & $225 – change the top number to $30 and the $225 to $45.
Then click search.  To see the rest of the new ones, in the top space put  $41 and $120 in the other.

Bob, my webmaster, and Jenny, who used to be our Office Manager for 12 years, will be creating a new-look website which we'll be launching early in 2017 and it will be a very  modern site and very user-friendly.



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