Clivia Seed for Sale


Click on image for enlargement of how to plant the seeds


Clivias are shade loving plants and I have a large collection of many different colours. Most originated from seed sent to me by South African clivia specialists from 2001 to 2003. One day Iíll set them out in shade houses, but at the moment they are crammed into a small area whilst I await the sale of my house. Clivias seem to set seed very easily without any human intervention; I havenít seen any insects around the flowers so perhaps the wind is responsible. I collected last season's seed with the aim of planting them and selling young plants in a couple of years, but have since decided to sell the seed now instead.
Cost: $20 for 10 seeds, in 2 lots: 5 yellow/cream & 5 mixed pastels shades. Postage is free. Please email if you wish to order, as they are not available on-line.


Firstly I collected seed from the yellow and cream varieties, and secondly from the pink, peach, apricot, reds, and orange-reds of varying shapes and patterns, a few of which you see here. Unfortunately I've lost the labels so I donít know which container has which seeds! I am selling them in 10's made up of 5 from each container. Clivia seed from colours such as these usually sell for $3 each, so I've reduced the price as they are mixed. Most have recently sprouted so they will be very easy to grow on.

Planting Clivia Seed
10 seed will fit easily into a
145mm pot (see photo above right.) Press the seed gently down into potting mix until 3/4 of the seed is covered. Keep them just slightly damp. Place the pot in a shady spot until several leaves form, then move to a spot with dappled sunlight. Note: foliage will burn in direct sunlight. After 2 years, pot them up individually. Be patient, and expect to see flowers in 5 years at the earliest!  






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